Luigi Trevisi
Ice wide shut - Jökulsárlón, Iceland

About me

Born in Southern Italy in 1985

Software developer from Monday to Friday, landscape photographer the rest of the time.

My interest in photography was born in my 20s, when I was a university student. That means I was broke and all I could afford was a digital compact camera. Thanks to it though, I learned a lot and explored all photographic genres. When I finally found  my true passion for landscapes and cityscapes, it was time for me to find a temporary job so to buy my first DSLR. All the rest, you can get it from my gallery...

Being alone in front of a breathtaking view while waiting for the magic light is priceless to me: I can't stand routines and the city life. Landscape photography is  my personal therapy against this.

Thank you again for your visit here and as you can imagine,  any comment, suggestion or request is really appreciated.

Luigi Trevisi