Luigi Trevisi


The lighthouse on the hills

The lighthouse on the hills

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Last time I went to Eastbourne, I spent more time drinking Pimm’s than taking pictures. Bad me. But what I could do? It was hot and sunny! Anyway, I decided to go back with another friend of mine and this time get serious.

Believe it or not, it was warmer than before! And, as if that was not enough, we were the only two dressed as if we were going to the North Pole, surrounded by people with swimsuit. Who cares! We were prepared for every sort of weather condition in the evening.

So, armed with so much goodwill (in addition to a 10 Kg backpack), we started walking from the city’s seaside up to the cliffs, where there are two lighthouses very well located from a photography point of view. After more than 3 hours, we arrived to the feet of the lighthouse, and since the sun started to go down, we decided to go back where we decided to take our pictures.

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