Luigi Trevisi
Once upon a time in Groningen - The Netherlands

Photography Course January 2019

Select an option for each of the following questions.
The content of the course was what I expected.
I feel more confident when I have to choose what photography tools I need to own.
I feel more confident to have the full control of my camera.
I can understand what makes a picture an interesting one and the importance of composition rules.
The concepts I learned during the course were explained clearly.
I was happy with the speed the tutor used to speak to the group.
The material I received was useful and sufficient.
There was a balance between theory and practical examples.
I found the the exercises I was assigned useful.
The location for the course was good.
I might be interested to participate to any future non free course or event the tutor will organise.
I would recommend this course to other people.
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